Where’s Wally Exhibition

This installation was inspired by the Land of Wallies artwork. The Wallies are popping out from the picture book to the real world to explore. Visitors can enjoy the fun of finding the real Wally.

Smurfs Exhibition

Come and join the world of Smurfs and explore life size characters, some great craft activities and much more.

Pirate Ship

Immerse yourself in a fairy tale land filled with adventure, imagination and mystical characters. Hop on board the sea’s most famous pirate ship. You’ll even meet the fiercest pirate of them all, Captain Hook!

Candy Academy

Come and enter a world of pure imagination and sugar-coated bliss.

Join us on a journey like no other as you experience the sweet taste of The Candy Academy.

Walk amongst rolling hills of life sized candy, Oompa Loompas, the entire world’s supply of everlasting gobstoppers and much more!

Enjoy the daily activities that will be held in the academy.

April in Wonderland

What would you do if you found yourself in Wonderland? With curious characters, and surprises around every corner – no two visits will be the same.

Meet the Queen of Hearts and then explore the Royal Garden. There are many great activities for you to discover and friends to meet along the way!

My Island Home

Show your community the variety of cultures and traditions Australia has to offer. Explore the roots of many cultures and share the amazing experiences from many different natives with many interactive activities. This can all be held in a beautiful and inviting setting for all.


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