The Jungle Book is a 2010 3D CGI animated TV series by DQ Entertainment in association with ZDF Enterprises, Moonscoop, Disney Channel and Universal Studios
for 4 – 10 years.

This TV series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling as well as the 1967 film Disney’s The Jungle Book.

For children aged 6-9 years old, the series is high on adventure, comedy and brings to life Kipling’s most beloved friends from the jungle.

The Jungle Book explores the various escapades of Mowgli and his jungle friends in this dramatic, funny and fast paced series where we will see Mowgli develop and learn to survive in the dangerous jungle. Throughout the series other characters will be introduced to maintain a constant source of storytelling. These will include other members of the wolf pack (Mowgli’s grey and brown brothers); plus Mowgli will make many other friends and enemies throughout the series. The stories will also introduce several wild and exotic species of animals to the backdrop of the beautiful tropical forest, the ruins of beautiful Indian royal forts, temples, waterfalls and the Waingunga River. The series will also portray Mowgli’s journey to the village where he originally came from and will have stories of his encounters with the human species.

The combination of animals, humans and stunning locations will enable world class British animation script writers to have enough material with which to work.
Drama, excitement, adventure, fun & emotion will be mixed with a high element of comedy to tell tales of how Mowgli lives and survives in the jungle, where his only companions are animals. This combination will lure viewers worldwide to this animated series of The Jungle Book! A Tribute to Rudyard Kipling…

Stage Show

Totally Jungle

Totally Jungle “is an interactive live children’s show that features special guests Mowgli and Baloo from the Jungle Book fame who have made a special effort to join the show all the way from the Jungles of Seeonee in India.

Show host and special guests guarantee to excite, entice and entertain you with their singing, dancing and noises of the jungle. As Mowgli and Baloo share their story there are some very special messages for the audience about making friends, animals, keeping safe and being brave enough to try new experiences.
Great entertainment for the whole family bring your Jungle boogie along. “Totally Jungle” is sure to bring out the “bear” in you!

Activity Centre

Activity Centre

Swing your way from vine to vine and become part of the jungle in this very unique and fantastic activity centre.

Kids can make their very own jungle animal mask. All materials will be on hand to make something that is one fit for the jungle.

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