The Cat in the Hat is a childrens book by Dr. Seuss and perhaps one of the most famous, featuring a tall mischievous cat, wearing a tall, red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie for 3 – 7 years.

The book has been popular since its publication, and a logo featuring the Cat adorns all Dr. Seuss publications and animated films produced after The Cat in the Hat. Seuss wrote the book because he felt that there should be more entertaining and fun material for beginning readers.

More than 11 million copies of The Cat in the Hat have been printed. It has been translated into more than 12 different languages.

The film adaptation of the book was released in 2003. It was produced by Brian Grazer and directed by Bo Welch, and stars Mike Myers in the title role of the Cat in the Hat, and Dakota Fanning as Sally.


Stage Show

Enter the amazing tongue tied world of Dr.Suess, with everyones favorite “Cat In The Hat”. As his best friend reads through the no.1 seller – Green Eggs and Ham.

Cat in the Hat will entertain the crowd with singing, dancing and he will even check how well you were listening by asking questions to the crowd.


Activity Centre

Introduce your children to the world of opposites colours number and nonsense which is Dr Seuss. Dr Seuss helps all children of all ages and abilities learn to read by making reading fun!

In our new Cat in the Hat craft Village. Children will be assisted by our trained activity centre operators to create their own crazy and zany Cat in the Hat Eco Library Bag which they can take home and discover a love of reading

Cupcake Making

Put on your Cat in the Hat inspired chefs land apron and design and decorate your own cupcake. Let the Cat In The Hat guide you along as you create your own take home cupcake masterpiece.


Meet & Greets

Everyone can come and meet the mischievous Cat in the Hat for a cuddle hand-shake or high-five.

Look out for this cat wearing a tall red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie.


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