Giggle and Hoot is a show is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for ABC2 and premiered in early 2010 for 2 – 6 years.

 The show is aimed at 2-6 year old and depicts of the adventures of Jimmy Giggle (James Rees), and his best friend Hoot the owl (played by Nicholas Richard) which act for as a TV wrapper for ABC2 kids programs.
Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl are two best mates, living together in their wonky, recycled house, where their neighbours are the best anymore could wish for! They never know who is going to drop in and say hello. The Wiggles, dirtgirl, and the Play School gang all like to visit for a chat, song or a bit of silliness.
It’s a world where curiosity and imagination rule! Where the ordinary is extraordinary and nothing is what it seem.. shower heads are telephones. Bath tubs are beds and fruit and vegetables sing. In between their fun, you’ll see such shows such as Timmy Time, Sesame Street, In the Night Garden, The WotWots, and a whole host of others. Each day promises to be a giggle and a hoot. Every evening we join Giggle and Hoot for the Goodnight hour. As Jimmy Giggle and all his friends prepare for bed. Hoot the Owl stands by for the very important job of night watch. But before he takes off, we are treated to even more songs, stories and fun.

ABC 2- Daily Time Block
8am – 9:30am
1:30pm – 3pm (repeat)
6pm – 7pm (Goodnight Hour)



Hoot and Hootabelle are best owl-pal’s who love playing and singing together and invite the boys and girls to join in on the awesome fun! With lots of singing and dancing to some of their famous tunes, this show is sure to have the whole audience bopping along.



Best owl pals Hoot and Hootabelle invite all the boys and girls to join in their favourite Christmas Carols, as they get ready for the most exciting event of the year, “Christmas Day””.

Their special friend Holly, will teach some great dance moves and have all the boys and girls- Hoot, Hoot, Hooting for Hoo-a-Claus!



Have Jimmy Giggle from Giggle and Hoot MC your next ABC for Kids concert.

Jimmy will entertain the crowd in between the fantastic ABC shows options that Showtime Attractions can also offer. He is a entertainer that will be sure your crowd, are always dancing, singing, giggling and having a hoot.


Meet and Greets

Customers can come and meet Jimmy Giggle for a cuddle, hand shake or high-five.

Customers are welcome to take photos with Jimmy to remind them of their special experience, meeting one of their favourite TV personalities.

Please note: Hoot is unfortunately not available for appearances with Jimmy Giggle at this time.


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