dirtgirl is a gumboot-wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows cloud names and drives a big orange tractor for 4 – 7 years.

This musicentric series explores the natural world and invites the audience to ‘go get grubby’ in the big world outside.

Stage Show

Join Charlie Darling in her quest to find dirtgirl and see if she can conquer the challenges to be the most Eco friendly person in the whole of the dirtgirlworld!!!

Can she compost, reduce, reuse, recycle, harvest rain water, plant a garden, swap and barter, use eco fuel, scare away predators naturally and last but not least….get grubby?

dirtgirl thinks it is all great fun and uses songs and games to navigate her way through the challenges. She phones a friend (just like in her TV show), asks the kids in the audience to help her out by joining in to prove that she has the Eco Factor!!!!

Activity Village

An educational activity centre which everyone will always talk about and want to book over and over again.

The DirtGirl activity centre brings the concept of getting grubby but also the educational factor of growing your own herbs. Kids will come in and decorate their very own eco-friendly pot and once they have finished will have the opportunity to plant their very own herbs that they can take home.

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